Enough With the Guns Already
Posted 1/14/2013 9:28:00 AM


Piers Morgan, he really is absolutely an idiot.  Let this be a lesson to all of us, just because you have an accent does not make you smart.  You may sound smart, but in this case, Piers just doesn’t get it.  He acts as though this idea of a government going tyrannical on its people is crazy.  Really when you look at all the unrest that is around the world, we really are blessed here in America to have such a stable democracy.

Jamie made such an excellent point today on all of this gun control talk, where were these people three months before Newtown?  Where are they when kids are getting gunned down in the streets of Chicago? If all of these gun control advocates really cared about guns, they would be crying out about any problems with guns, not just using the death of innocent children.  These people are exactly what Jamie called them, Limousine Liberals; they only come out when it makes them feel better and when they can benefit from a tragedy for their cause.  As if the call for banning guns makes you somehow care about the life lost in Newtown.  Instead it shows how these people only care when it fits their agenda.

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8:22- REM- Me Wild Honey
8:37- Clementine- Les Champs Elysees
8:48- The Cure- Lovesong

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  1. Kurt Simmons posted on 01/16/2013 09:02 AM
    How lucky we Americans are to have this "cross the pond-er" to tell us how to be better Americans. He should take his traveling show to Mexico and convince the folk there that they would be better off staying in their homeland instead of Illegally crossing the Mex-US border. Or maybe he could take it to Kenya and ask them to take their native born American President back. It's pretty obvious that he's not welcome in his own homeland, or he would be THERE.
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