President Biden
Posted 1/10/2013 10:21:00 AM

Tricia here in again for Paige. Below you will find Brian Williams referring to Joe Biden as "President" Biden. Thats's a scary thought! Seriously though this guy has been given a lot of "power" lately and I doubt I'm the only one uncomfortable with it. As the threat of a gun ban escalates the real President would like to let everyone know that he fully supports the 2nd Amendment; he also fully supports increased gun control and weapons bans. Huh.  I'm sorry but who's changing their story now? If you missed it check out the Electric Stove Blog as well to find a clip from 2008 where Mr. President Barack Obama vows to NEVER take our guns...

 ALSO: If you missed yesterday's awesome broadcast from Jefferson City check out the PICS and PODCAST!

Music from Today's Show:
The Frey - The National Anthem
5:22-Cage the Elephant - Always Something
5:37- Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes
5:50- The Fixx - Saved By Zero
6:37- Kieth Richards - Shouldn't Take It So Hard
6:48- Dath Cab for Cutie - I Was a Kaleidoscope
7:37- Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built
7:48- Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere
8:22- Weezer - Beverly Hills
8:37- Incubus - Talk Shows On Mute
8:48- Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire

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