A Shred of Hope
Posted 12/17/2012 9:34:00 AM


I am so glad that Jamie pulled and focused most of the show on Robbie Parker and his response after the death of his daughter on Friday.  Friday’s events were horrific, but I love that Robbie Parker didn’t start blaming all of the things that all of the talking heads and everyone else want to blame.  You can’t fathom what this man has gone through, and yet, instead of showing bitterness of rage, he chose to show his deep faith in God and love.  He didn’t use this as a platform to start cutting into people’s rights, but instead used it to honor his daughter and the other victims.

For those who must have an explanation, I think that Jamie made a great point that really hit home today.  We have a culture obsessed with death and we treat life as though it were cheap.  Instead of wanting to deal with cultural problems at hand, we would rather blame anything else that we can.  Instead of dealing with kids growing up without fathers, Hollywood and our media being obsessed with violence and the issues of mental illness we blame guns.  We decide that every citizen should have their rights stripped away instead of recognizing that there is evil in this world that we cannot comprehend and that no amount of laws will rid the world of it. 

While I sit here, even myself getting caught up in the debate, I remember that Robbie Parker could have made all these statements.  Again, we need to take a page from Robbie Parker and not blame those around us, but instead remember the victims for the precious lives that they were and try to move forward honoring them.  As Jamie said, Robbie didn’t look towards the politicians to solve this problem.  Instead, he looked toward his Heavenly Father.  Perhaps if we all did that, we might actually start to see some change towards the better.

Music from Today’s Show:
The US Marine Corps Band- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Animal Kingdom- Get Away With It
5:37- Helio Sequence- Hallelujah
5:48- Death Cab for Cutie- I am a Kaleidoscope
6:37- Katy Perry- Wide Awake
6:48- Frou Frou- Breathe
7:37- Death Cab For Cutie- You Are a Tourist
7:48- Grouplove- Itchin’ on a Photograph
8:22- Keith Richards- You Don’t Move Me
8:37- Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait
8:48- 311- Amber

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