This Is Our Competition?!
Posted 12/14/2012 10:20:00 AM


Jamie put on display the special skills of our friends over on the other side of the aisle this morning.  I really feel like we all need a feel good Friday, so I thought, what the heck, why not include all three of them.  I mean, if you truly want to get the full effect of the brain power we are up against, then you have to have all three.  The fact that we keep losing to these people really saddens me beyond words.  We start with Hank Johnson who didn’t realize that “midget” is a derogatory term.  I am so glad that Jamie dug up that this is the guy who was worried about Guam tipping over from over population.  I don’t know where I was, but I had never heard that, and that alone made my morning.



Next up, Neil Cavuto has Congresswoman Edie Benice Johnson on the air, and ended up hanging up on her.  This woman cannot name one thing she would like to cuts, Democrats are saying they are the ones willing to compromise, yet they don’t have one spending cut.  As Jamie said, these Democrats have been allowed to get away with this kind of behavior because no one but Fox News is pressuring them.  Where are the other media outlets asking about what specific tax cuts they would like to see?  I mean as Rand Paul pointed out earlier this week, we have programs just to see how monkeys react on Meth.  As if we couldn’t go down to a rehab center and get some stories about that.  We right now have an environment out of control, and if we don’t start paying attention, demanding answers and holding these people accountable, it is ultimately us as the tax payers who are going to get screwed.


Music from Today’s Show:
Beyonce- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Canned Heat- On the Road Again
5:37- Gorillaz- Dare
5:48- Fats Domino- Big Wheel
6:37- Muse- Undisclosed Desires
6:48- Variety Lab- London in the Rain
7:37- Ella Fitzgerald- Desfisinado (Slightly Out of Tune Version)
7:48- Foo Fighters- Long Road to Ruin
8:22- Sound Garden- Rhinosaur
8:37- Eurythemics- Walking in a Winter Wonderland
8:48- David Byrne- Don’t Fence Me In (AitM Show Theme)

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