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Posted 12/13/2012 9:35:00 AM


Nothing says Merry Christmas like a video with sad music telling you if you just call another Government hotline they can help you with your mortgage.  How about they stop devaluing the dollar and get to work on getting our economy back on track?  That would do more wonders for my mortgage than any federal counselor consoling me over how upside down my house is.  Jamie was so right when saying that we’ve seen what the government can do for us, and no matter how many numbers they create to help counsel us and make us feel better, they are never equipped to fix the problem.  Just ask most of the victims of Sandy who called FEMA.  Or have you ever had to file for unemployment and had something get screwed up with your benefits?  Try calling that number and see if you can even get a person.  The point is, if we truly want our economy to get better we need the Fed to stop devaluing our dollar, and we need a President who is serious about curbing the spending and getting people back to work, not flying around the country playing politics before he heads off to sunny Hawaii for a few weeks.


Music from Today’s Show:
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- FanFarlo- Harold T. Jenkins or How to Wait For A Very Long Time
5:37- Crystal Fighters- At Home
6:37- Dan Black- Symphonies
6:48- The Cure- Close To Me
7:37- Postal Service- Such Great Heights
7:48- Led Zepplin- Whole Lotta Love
8:22- The xx- Islands
8:37- Starf****r- Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
8:48- Coldplay- Lover’s in Japan/Reign of Love

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