A Tale of Two Blogs
Posted 12/12/2012 9:42:00 AM

So there were two pieces of audio that I really enjoyed today, but for different reasons.  So today is kind of a tale of two blogs that I am smashing together because here at Allman in the Morning we are all about excellence, whether on air through our magnificent host, or behind the scenes.



This man’s response was amazing.  I am so glad that Jamie highlighted this man’s response to the tornado destruction and his roof caving in while he was on air.  Like Jamie said, the reporter kept pushing this man trying to get a response, and typically we probably would have heard something about how little Timmy and Johnny aren’t going to have Christmas this year.  Instead Clint Thornton gave the most amazing response that his family has another reason to praise God.  Clint really has a great heart, and I know will blessed from his response.



Next, we go in a different direction, much more political.  Jamie said it best, Senator Rand Paul can seem a bit removed, but lately he has done a great job of changing how he presents himself and the message of conservatism.  This is absolutely the direction the Republican Party needs to go with the messaging, because it makes sense to the average everyday American.  Instead of blabbing on about revenues and loopholes and entitlements and everything else, Paul puts it in a local perspective.  The more we keep the money local the better off everyone is.  I also loved how he talked about the monkeys on meth research we are paying for.  If our fearless leader, who still hasn’t come up with a plan, can’t find anything to cut there is a problem.  Spending is way out of control, though I don’t think a man jet setting around the country on the tax payer dime to talk about the fiscal cliff really understands anything about cuts.

Music from Today’s Show:
Charles Glenn- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Cake- Short Skirt/ Long Jacket
5:37- Joe Walsh- Life of Illusion
5:48- Grouplove- Tongue Tied
6:37- Limp Bizket- Break Stuff
6:48- Churchill- Change
7:37- Kaiser Chiefs- Good Days and Bad Days
7:48- Bombay Bicycle Club- Shuffle
8:22- Robert Palmer- Dr. Zhivago’s Train
8:37- Blues Travelers- Christmas
8:48- Metronomy- The Look

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