Public Enemy #1
Posted 12/5/2012 9:36:00 AM


So he may be getting a lot of flak for his pledge and he may have been declared enemy number 1 by so many, but I kind of like Grover Norquist.  He seems to be the only one fighting for the conservative cause of lower taxes.  At this point somebody needs to be out there in the trenches trying to keep the conservative message alive; we all know John Boehner walked off that reservation a long time ago.  If you head to the electric stove, you can also see Krauthammer talking about how all Obama wants to do is tax the rich so he can then dismantle the Republican Party.  Our Republican leaders have to stand strong.  As Jamie said, low taxes is really the only thing right now that make Republicans attractive.  If they give in to tax the rich, we can consider the next four years a continual loss.  For those 62% of you who are part of the Gallop poll that want a fiscal cliff compromise perhaps it’s time for you to wake up too.  Norquist sees it, Krauthammer sees it, and Jamie sees it.  This is all politics, raising the taxes is not going to solve the problem, and for President Obama and Democrats this is not even about that.  This is about power and returning to the super majority they held on to for some time.  And once they get that, you’re a fool if you think their taxes are going to stop on the rich.


Music from Today’s Show:
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6:48- Limousines- Internet Killed the Video Star
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8:37- Jimmy Eat World- Futures
8:48- The Royal Concept- Gimme Twice

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