Tragic Diatribe
Posted 12/3/2012 9:07:00 AM

Bob Costas Channels Michael Bloomberg in Sunday... by kofiswag

Thank you Bob Costas for that stunning repartee.  Only the left wing media could take a tragedy and politicize.  Bob Costas gets up on his great soap box about guns because Jovan Belcher clearly had issues and decided to kill his girlfriend and then commit suicide.  It’s a horrible tragedy, that doesn’t mean we need Bob Costas to descend from on high and start quoting idiocy over gun laws.  Jamie was absolutely right, when people talk to you about this today you can admit that yeah if Jovan hadn’t had a gun this may not have happened.  The issue here is isn’t gun laws; the issue here is a disturbed individual.  You give them anything in their frame of mind and they could use it to kill; a car, a bow and arrow, a knife, anything.

This is the problem that Costas and his other leftist media hacks never seem to understand.  Trying to legislate the behavior is not going to solve the problems.  The problem here is clearly mental, you can add all the laws on the books you want, but that won’t solve the problem.  Besides, we already have gun laws, but with all laws they have to be followed.  We already have murder laws, but adding more and more to them doesn’t mean we are going to stop murder.  Unfortunately until we can solve the human condition and depravity, we’re never going to solve violent crimes.

Music from Today’s Show:
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