Way to be Relevent
Posted 11/29/2012 9:31:00 AM

So I love that not only is Bill O’Reilly just now talking about PSY and “Gangnam Style,” but he is going to have a psychologist on to talk about what liking the song means.  Seriously, way to make yourself seem with it.  Honestly, I am so OVER this song, mostly because Jamie introduced us to it back in July before everyone else started listening to it.  I just think if Bill is going to psychoanalyze pop culture in this manner that maybe he should steer clear of pop culture and stick with politics.  I don’t need to see talking points on PSY.


Music from Today’s Show:
Charles Glenn- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Beck- Gamma Ray

5:37- No Doubt- Simple Kind of Life
5:48- Club Des Belugas- Skip to the Bip
6:37- Piper Records- Sonate, G-Moll, Rv 58: Allegro Ma Non Presto
6:48- John Mellencamp- Check It Out
7:37- Smoke & Jackal- No Tell
7:48- Todd Rundgren- Onomatopoeia
8:22- Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
8:37- ?
8:48- Grouplove- Itchin on a Photograph

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