Playing the Game
Posted 11/28/2012 9:25:00 AM

The Hammer is completely right on how Obama is playing this game.  This fiscal cliff crisis is all about destroying the Republicans and winning 2014.  If Obama really cared about the fiscal cliff we would have a solution, we also would have had a budget by now and last year when we had the first fiscal crisis, he would have made a deal to make sure we fixed the problems long term.  However, he didn’t because as Jamie said today he doesn’t want to.  President Obama knows that in order to really truly get us out of this crisis, he has to make cuts; raising taxes won’t even begin to cover the problem.  Instead he is making the Republicans look like lying idiots, and diverting all of our attention to the rich.  If the rich would just anti up more, and pay their fair share.  Friends that won’t do anything.  Jamie said it today, if we all gave everything we own to the government that still would not avert the fiscal crisis.  We have a spending problem, and we have a President who sincerely loves spending.  Let’s be honest, all of them do.  They love sitting up there passing all sorts of laws and new programs, while also giving themselves a fat pay raise.  If we are going after the rich, why not them?  How many of our lawmakers walk away from Washington as millionaires that are tax exempt?  We need to stop playing the game by Obama’s rules and actually fix the problem.  Let’s attack our real problem, our bloated politicians.

Music from Today’s Show:
The Fray- The Star Spangled Banner
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6:37- Blink 182- After Midnight
6:48- Foster the People- Houdini
7:37- Bruce Springsteen- Loving You Is a Man’s Job
7:48- Muse- Madness/ Starlight
8:22- The Fixx- Saved by Zero
8:37- Pomeroy- Rebound
8:48- REM- Me Wild Honey

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