With Their Kind of Fun, We Are All Screwed
Posted 11/27/2012 9:20:00 AM

Boy for such a transparent administration, they certainly like to hold their cards to their chest.  And this is who Republicans are starting to break down and negotiate with.  Heaven forbid they let the people know what’s going to happen.  Like Jamie has been saying for two weeks, these guys are going to screw us over, whether they have an R or a D next to their names.  But here we don’t even get to brace ourselves.  Jay Carney has his stupid little school boy smirk on his face, like he is playing some funny little joke, but for those of us out here actually working, it’s not a joke at all.

I really hope that everyone is paying attention.  The more we have these “negotiations” and I watch our Republican leaders walk towards the left, the more I am thinking a third party would really be great.  We can’t afford to lose elections, but with leaders like this it doesn’t really matter does it?  As Jamie pointed out yesterday, how many of these Republican buffoons have been up there long enough to create this fiscal crisis?  They are all responsible and yet again, instead of controlling spending, they are going to “create revenue” by just screwing us all with higher taxes and less returns.  Great.

Music from Today’s Show:
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7:48- Adele- Rumor Has It
8:22- Train- Hey Soul Sister
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