We Will Lose
Posted 11/21/2012 9:53:00 AM

So I know it’s Thanksgiving Eve and all, and things should be light, but I thought that both Mark Levin and Jamie made such great points today.  As you heard in the clip, Levin talked about how Bill Krystal and all these Republicans on the Hill are crazy to start negotiating with Obama.  However, Jamie took it a step further in what I thought was a brilliant point.  For all those people saying that we should just let the Dems own the fiscal cliff, there is too much at stake.  What does Boehner have to lose if we go over the fiscal cliff?  He has his pension and all his safety nets, but most of us cannot afford to go over that cliff.  I know I sure can’t.  There is a lot at stake, and we can’t have leaders who are just concerned about their future.  I want actual leaders, people willing to make the tough decisions even if it means losing their jobs.  We need to make sure that we don’t zone out and let our leaders phone it in.  We need to be on the phone and writing letter upon letter letting them know that if they let us go over this cliff we absolutely will hold their butts accountable.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Jamie and Denys will have a much deserved day off while Carl and I hold down the fort.  I hope everyone will still tune in while cooking your turkey, but most importantly I hope you are a great day with your family!

Music from Today’s Show:
The Band Perry- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald- Foggy Day in London Town
5:37- Bronze Radio Return- Worth Wondering
5:48- Bruce Springsteen- Brillian Disguise
6:37- Joe Walsh- Life of Illusion
6:48- Mark Farina- Close to You
7:37- ZZ Top- Pearl Necklace
7:48- Bronze Radio Return- Blurry-Eyed Worries
8:22- REM- Radio
8:37- Crystal Castles- Not In Love
8:48- Wolf Gang- Stay and Defend

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