The Ladies Are Not Having It
Posted 11/19/2012 10:15:00 AM


Is your BS meter pinning?  The past couple of weeks the ladies have been up and at it.  I love how all of these narratives get twisted.  These women are upset because how dare John McCain question Susan Rice?  How dare he wonder what the hell she was doing talking about Benghazi on all the Sunday snoozers if she had no knowledge of what’s going on?  So now of course, they change the narrative from what in the world is our fearless leader doing to John McCain is racist and sexist.  At this point in our topsy turvey political world it just seems par for the course.

Jamie said it perfectly today; the real sexist is Barack Obama, who sent Susan Rice out to the media to be the fall guy.  He should be the ones answering questions, but instead he sends a UN ambassador, what does she know of our national intelligence?  Where was Hillary Clinton or anyone who should have been talking about this matter?  No, instead he gives some woman with no knowledge of anything a false narrative and sends her out and about so that way the case can easily be made that well she just didn’t have the facts right, she didn’t know the narrative.  Barack Obama was only protecting himself.

Music From Today’s Show:

Ricochet- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Eddie Veder- Hard Sun
5:37- John Mayor- No Such Thing
5:48- Smoke and Jackall- No Tell
6:37- Django Django- Default
6:48- Adele- Rumor Has It
7:37- Starf*****r- Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
7:48- Muse- Madness
8:22- Churchill- Change
8:37- Lykke Li- Get Some
8:48- Royal Teeth- Wild

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