A Tale of Two Rices
Posted 11/16/2012 9:41:00 AM


Soledad O’ Brien, where do you even begin.  In the studio Jamie, Denys and I were talking about how she’s got a very pretty face, but apparently not much going on upstairs.  If you can deal with her in this clip, and you get about 1:45 in, you can hear her asking Representative Joe Heck the same question about fifty times over on the difference between when Condoleeza Rice talked about Iraq and Susan Rice talking about Benghazi.  She is trying to prove that Rep Heck is wrong, but only continually showcases how stupid she is.

Jamie explained this morning that the new narrative from the Left is that this whole Susan Rice situation is the same as when Condoleeza Rice talked about Iraq.  The problem is that is it two completely different situations.  Condoleeza Rice was a part of President Bush’s cabinet; she was in on all of the decision making.  Susan Rice is a UN Ambassador, what would she know about how the administration was dealing with Libya, presumably she wasn’t in the room.  She is a UN Ambassador, talking about the attacks in Benghazi doesn’t fit under her duties.  The whole point being that again, Obama should not have sent her out there to talk about something she clearly had no clue about.  She was not representing the administration.  As our guest Jim Carafano from Heritage said this morning, The Secretary of Labor was more qualified to talk about the attacks in Benghazi than Susan Rice.  (BTW: You can hear Jamie and Jim’s discussion, it is an audio on demand.)

The sad fact is that Soledad and her other media pals don’t get that.  They don’t understand why this is so weird.  She has been taking everything Obama says as gospel, and is so blinded in believing EVERYTHING he says, that she can’t see how sending a woman out to FIVE different talk shows to talk about an attack that she knew nothing about was completely stupid.

Music from Today’s Show:
The Fray- The Star Spangled Banner
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