A Convenient Affair
Posted 11/13/2012 8:41:00 AM

This is probably one of the most convoluted scandals I have seen in a while.  At this point I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.  I mean there are so many twists and turns and it goes from being a triangle to having what seems like eight other people involved.  I mean we’re being told that there were tens of thousands of pages of emails between General Patraeus and General John Allen and their lady friends.

Two things occur to me as I read and hear more about this, like Denys, Jamie and I talked about yesterday in studio, how stupid can our top CIA guys be?  As a former federal worker I can tell you that even at the lowest levels they warn you that EVERYTHING you do will be monitored, so whether they are monitoring the top CIA guys I don’t know, but you know the capability is there.  If you can’t figure out to not conduct your affair over email on a work computer I question your ability to lead an operation that is all about being covert.

Second, in a culture where we are so easily sucked into scandal, how much of this is being used to cover up Benghazi?  I mean how much are we now covering this weird narrative as opposed to focusing on the fact that four Americans are dead and we still don’t have answers as to why that is.  This could turn up to be nothing more than another crazy love affair story, but the timing of everything seems really rather convenient, n’est pas?

Posted By: Paige Quadro  

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