Trust Me, We Want a Fight
Posted 11/9/2012 9:10:00 AM


If we are going to soul search as a party and decide what is going to be the future of our party, I really don’t think immigration reform to the tune of amnesty is the way to go.  I don’t think we want John Boehner as our leader either.  He completely dismisses Paul Ryan and basically says that Health Care is the way to go.  I’m with Jamie on this, it’s time to shake up the leadership and get people who are ready to fight.

I have been seeing a lot of discussion on Facebook of people now wanting our leaders to stop bickering and get something done.  Let me just say, you better be very careful what you wish for.  I tend to see it as a lot of the people who don’t “pay attention” to politics and now suddenly think our leaders should all work together.  In a way I agree, but in many ways I am with Jamie, no we don’t.  We absolutely want to force President Obama and the Democrats’ hand on the debt ceiling and everything else.  They know that in this economic climate, now is not the time to be raising taxes.  Obama’s own advisors have told him that our economy is too fragile to try and raise taxes.  I hope when I see them say it’s time to work together that they are looking at the House that has actually been passing legislation and the Senate who has done nothing with it.  I hope that they are calling for their Senators to start acting and not for Republicans to bend over for Democrats.  Let me just say that Republicans have been working, how about it’s time for Democrats to start reaching across the aisle.

Again friends, have a great weekend and don’t lose heart.  We have a battle for sure, but we can win this.  We all have to take action and be smart about our message, but we can bring this country back.

Also, don’t forget to join us tomorrow, Downtown for the Veteran’s Parade!

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8:48- David Byrne- Don’t Fence Me In (Show Theme)

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