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Posted 11/6/2012 9:05:00 AM


Happy Election Day everybody!  I hope you are all out doing your patriotic duty.  We heard from a lot of you and it sounds like there were plenty of people out in force this morning making sure that they get counted.  This is how we are going to do it.

So for today, I thought we would look at this clip of the people in New Jersey and New York begging for help.  Yes, I am totally going political today, but considering that these are images the National News Media are not presenting to us, I think it’s important.  Jamie has said repeatedly since Sandy struck that he doesn’t think that the President should even be involved in National Disasters, and I tend to agree.  However, if President Obama is going to rush in there, declare victory and receive credit, when people are still begging for help, then I am absolutely going to throw in his face that this is absolutely a failure.  You can go on Audio On Demand today and hear Jamie talk with Fox News Reporter Todd Starnes about just how bleak the situation really is.

This is why today is so important.  Again, I don’t agree with everything Mitt Romney is about, but we need to get the media’s messiah out of office.  He rolled in to New Jersey declared victory and the media exclaimed the storm is over!  Can you imagine if a conservative pulled these antics?  We need real leadership, and we need someone who knows what they are doing.  I am putting Gov. Rudy Guiliani’s response in today as well, because I think he broke down this situation so well.  So please friends, let’s get out there and vote!  It’s time for some transparency.



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