Diving for Responsibility
Posted 11/2/2012 9:58:00 AM




So totally disgusting, but people are dumpster diving in New York.  They have no food, so spoiled food is the best they can go for here.  Here’s what I don’t understand is how is it Florida can be hit by multiple storms and we seem to have nary a problem, but New York and New Jersey get hit and can’t seem to keep it together.  Perhaps that is because Florida does everything at a state and local level and is prepared.

I also posted Cynthia’s call and Jamie’s response because I thought he made two very awesome points today.  Cynthia made the case that people were dumpster diving before the storm and they will continue to afterwards.  Really Cynthia?  I mean do you really think news crews would head over to a dumpster over some casual dumpster divers?  No.  They are there to show the state of New Jersey and New York right now.  Plus, Jamie made the best point, can you imagine if a conservative had said something to that affect after Katrina?  I mean this is ridiculous.

This gets us to the overall point that Jamie made today and that I very much agree with, government is not the answer.  Barack Obama can give out as many phone numbers and websites as he wants to, but those people dumpster diving aren’t going to get food any quicker.  The people waiting in gas lines for hours on end aren’t going to see their tank filled.  We even had a clip of the Borough President of Staten Island saying that the Red Cross has failed them, and that it’s the people feeding their neighbors that are making the biggest impact.  This tragedy again shows us how the federal government can’t do anything for us, but create more red tape and complicate relief efforts.  We need to as a nation wake up and realize that a bigger government isn’t going to solve the problems.  Personal responsibility is the answer.

For Jamie’s overall response to big government and personal responsibility head over to our audio On-Demand.  He made some great points as well as a lot of callers who called in to remind us that no matter how big our government, they can’t solve our problems.

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