Paige's Pregnancy Update
Posted 10/11/2012 9:05:00 AM

As you heard Jamie ask me on the air this morning, I am pregnant.  This will be the first child for my husband and I and we are really excited.  We just had our 20 week checkup and are really excited to find out the sex of the baby.  Of course, brilliant as I am, I saw on Pinterest this idea of the “gender reveal party.”  I thought that would be so much fun.  Unfortunately our family lives in California, however my husband’s family is coming to town for Thanksgiving, so I thought it would be great to do the party with them.  I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that the party would be a month and a half away.  I didn’t realize how excited I would get.  I mean once I know the sex I know my baby’s name, I can start planning the room; get geared up for all the baby things.  Instead I am stuck in a holding pattern, waiting, and waiting, for what seems like forever. 

Music from Today's Show:
Charles Glenn- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence
5:37- Joe Walsh-Ordinary Average Joe
5:49- Modest Mouse- All Night Diner
6:37- Yes- Long Distance
6:49- Temper Trap- Sweet Dispostion
7:37- Joe Walsh- Life of Illusion
7:48- Modest Mouse- All Night Diner
8:22- Death Cab for Cutie- No Sunllight
8:37- Take It So Hard- Keith Richards
8:49- Winter Sleep- Weighty Ghost

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