The Blame Game
Posted 10/5/2012 9:16:00 AM


I love how we have two narratives being spun by the liberal media who just can’t let it seem like their Messiah has fallen.  The first is going after poor Jim Lehrer.  Had he been a better moderator Obama would have performed better.  Trust me; it wasn’t Jim Lehrer’s fault.  Debates are known for getting a bit rowdy, and with all of Romney’s “pushiness,” Obama still talked four minutes longer.



The second narrative is from everyone’s favorite loser Al Gore.  He blames President Obama’s performance on the altitude.  I mean really, so any team that loses playing in Denver should just blame it on the altitude?  In my mind Al Gore has been a quack for years, constantly pointing his chubby fingers at us and telling us that the planet has a fever and your SUV is to blame.  All the while he makes oodles and noodles of money off of the carbon exchange program he’s come up with.  I don’t know what’s more laughable though, Al Gore stating the altitude’s to blame, or the two idiots in the studio acting like this is the most interesting and convincing idea they’ve ever heard. 

Friends, Obama’s acolytes can try to blame this on whatever they want, but the fact of the matter is no amount of preparation would have helped him in this debate.  Without his teleprompter and talking points he is just an empty suit.  He can theorize all he wants, but when going up against a guy like Romney who has worked in business and has a financial mind, he can’t cut it.  Though perhaps had he spent more time on the job and off the putting green he might have been a bit more prepared.  Honestly, this girl highly doubts that.

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