Suicide Watch
Posted 10/4/2012 9:16:00 AM


I did not get to watch the debate last night (gasp), I just figured I would hear enough of it here that I didn’t need to.  I am not going to sit here and pretend that I am objective on this matter.  I didn’t see any video feed, I listened to our radio feed, and judging by that, I thought Romney killed it.  He came out with enthusiasm and confidence.  Obama seemed really lackluster, almost shell shocked.  I’m not sure if he was caught off guard, or if he somehow has a plan to come out super strong at the next debate and turn the tide.

What gives me comfort is the clip above, any time Chris Matthews freaks out as much as he was, you know it’s not good for Obama.  Matthews loves Obama, he is like me to the opposite, and he is not objective at all, despite his claims.  He looks like he needs to be put on suicide watch.  I loved Jamie’s imagery of MSNBC looking like Jonestown today, with Kool-Aid cups lying about and bodies strewn across the compound.

I don’t think the mainstream media gets that this is their fault.  By constantly fluffing up the President and never challenging him, they have given him a free ride for the past four years.  Now when he needs the experience to take on a challenger, Obama has none because he has been praised as a god.  Despite them trying to blame Jim Lehrer, this was of theirs and Obama’s making.  You can’t hope that three days of prep is going to get you ready for a battle to the death.  As the old saying goes never bring a knife to a gun fight, and to be honest, I don’t even think Obama brought that.

Music from Today’s Show:

Beyonce- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Allman Brothers Band- No Way Out
5:37- Keely Smith- When Your Love Has Gone
5:48- Wolfmother- Woman
6:37- m.i.a- Paper Planes
6:48- Staind- Mudshovel (Live)
7:37- Fanfarlo- Harold T Wilkins or How to Wait for a Very Long Time
7:48- Tokyo Police Club- Your English is Good
8:22- Regina Spektor- Fidelity
8:37- Beck- Gamma Ray
8:48- Kings of Leon- Sex if on Fire

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