Dole Out the Facts
Posted 10/3/2012 9:54:00 AM

So I hope everyone watched Jamie and Charles Jaco spar on Fox 2 last night.  I thought it was a great show, though I am with Jamie I feel like having a moderator wasn’t very fun.  Just as things were starting to get interesting Betsy Bruce would interject and cut the conversation.  Who needs breaks anyways?  We never care for those on Radio…

I had two favorite parts from last night.  My first was Jaco pulling out his papers to argue his facts.  Now I get he wanted to be prepared, but in this day and age who pulls out a novel in order to have your information?  Generally, you look the facts over and you know where you got them, so you can cite your sources and you also have that either on small cards or memorized.  Trust me, for my degree I did a lot of debating and public speaking, and having papers like that, a total no no. 

Unfortunately my next favorite part Fox has not posted.  Jaco was talking about what Mitt Romney needed to do at the debates.  Jamie right off the bat asked Charles if Romney were to do everything he said then Jaco would vote for him?  We all know that isn’t going to happen.  Then Jamie’s advice for Obama was great, apologize and resign.  That made me laugh, Jamie’s not going to give out advice for the thief and chief; he wants him gone and the sooner the better.

So tonight is the first Presidential debate between Obama and Romney.  Make sure you check it out, we’ll be carrying it live on our station or you can stream it live online.  Plus, make sure you tune in for Jamie’s analysis tomorrow morning starting at 5.

Music from Today’s Show:

US Marine Corps Band- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Blink-182- After Midnight
5:37- R.E.M.- Radio Song
5:48- Brandi Carlisle w/ Seattle Symphony- I Will
6:37- K.T. Tunstall- Suddenly I See
6:48- Bruce Springsteen- Man’s Job
7:37- Feist- 1,2,3,4/ Foo Fighters- Best of You
7:48- Nine Inch Nails- The Hand That Feeds
8:22- Genesis- Abacab
8:37- J.A.E.- Beginning of Mine
8:48- Neil Young- Don’t Cry No Tears


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  1. ChrisS_6143 posted on 10/03/2012 03:04 PM
    Jamie, tonight is the real test for Romney. If he sits on the fence and focuses on coming across as a nice guy and doesn't go after Obama, he will lose it. He must come across as a conservative and convey the idea of conservatism. If he comes across as democrat-light, it's over.
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