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Posted 10/2/2012 9:18:00 AM


My apologies about my unfaithfulness yesterday, I had to take my husband to the airport, which meant leaving right after the show.  However, I am back today and ready to go at em! 

So it begins, with this dribble that Jamie found of celebrities telling you to vote for stuff.  First off, really is Leonardo DiCaprio really still talking about the climate change?  I mean we get it already; you bought a Prius for anyone who might breathe the air near you, but that’s your number one concern this election?  That must be nice, you are worried about whether or not the planet has a fever while the rest of us are worried about whether or not we can stretch our paycheck to the end of the month, if we are blessed enough to be getting one of those.

Jamie was saying that this ad really seemed to demean our right to vote then encourage people to get out and I very much agree with that sentiment.  I mean Jonah Hill wants to vote for a dog to pick up his crap.  I get they are trying to be funny, but to just say vote for stuff, that’s stupid.  While they are living the high life, going to their red carpet events and partying like there’s no tomorrow, the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet.  I love when celebrities showcase just how out of touch they are with reality.  They live in their little bubble, surrounded by people who live the exact same way they do, but because they played a blue collar worker in a film, they totally understand the everyday man.   Sad part is, they are the same as that man in the White House, they are so out of touch with reality, but sadly, too many still take their cues from them.

Music From Today's Show:

The Heritage Band- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- AwolNation- Not Your Fault
5:37- Bruce Springsteen- Better Days
5:48- Artic Monkey- I Bet Your Good the Dancefloor
6:37- Matt&Kim- Let's Go
6:48- Kaiser Chiefs- Everyday I Love You Less & Less
7:37- Katy Perry- Wide Awake
7:48- The Cure- Close to Me
8:22- The Clash- Straight to Hell
8:37- Matt & Kim- Let's Go
8:48- She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart

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