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Posted 9/28/2012 9:10:00 AM


The left was really in true form yesterday.  Ann Coulter went on the View (God bless her for that) to talk about her new book “Mugged” and as Jamie pointed out, got thoroughly accosted by Whoopi and her tag team.  At one point, you’ll notice that the tape goes quite for 4 sec that was the producers using that good old pre-delay to edit out Whoopi’s masterful argument bull****.  That is how the left decides to argue.  As Coulter is presenting facts that those little lefty harpies don’t like, they just start screaming about their feelings and then cursing. 



Our next display is Samuel L Jackson, in a new ad brought to you by the Jewish Education and Research Council, the very same people who brought you that offensive Sarah Silverman ad.  Jamie again brought up just how crude this ad truly is.  This what, 9 year old, ten year old girl (?) is pushing Planned Parenthood, walking in on her grandparents getting it on, and screaming the f-word.  First off, where are her parents, and second is this really necessary?  Is this how you get your point across, by exploiting a child and just cursing your way around the screen? 

To me this shows just how crass the left really is when they start losing the argument.  Don’t get me wrong, I know there is plenty of crassness on the Republican side.  All I have to do is log on to Facebook and I am inundated with different internet memes chalked full of curse words and vulgarity.  However, you don’t see any GOP PACS sending out ads where they are bleeping their way through the message.  Same with the View, the ladies don’t like Ann’s researched facts, and “dredging up the past” (though that doesn’t seem to stop them from bringing up slavery) so Whoopi just starts dropping obscenities and shutting her down because as a Whitey, she has no right to speak about this. If anything, I think this shows they are scared, and what else do you expect when you are trying to when an argument on feelings instead of facts.

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