Words Matter
Posted 9/26/2012 9:34:00 AM


I felt like this morning, as Jamie was talking about this audio clip that he was reading my mind.  On the surface, President Obama’s speech seems like something we can all get behind.  Who here in American isn’t for free speech?  However, Obama uses words that are extremely vague if you really think about it.  He used the word “targeting” Coptic Christians, as opposed to killing them; or my personal favorite, the “bullying” of women instead of oppression.  For the man who leads a party that has been so focused on the “war on women” that seems really light.  As a woman, I listened to this clip and couldn’t believe that we are going to use the term “bullying” for genital mutilation or stoning women. 

I may sound like a parrot, but Jamie’s point about this clip was that words matter and he was so right.  When the translators are speaking this to the other countries, is there a word that will mean bullying like there most likely would be for oppression?  Same idea with targeting.  You know that there is a word for murder in Arabic, but what about targeting?  In this speech Obama is able to take a stance and not take a stance all at the same time.  And really, when it comes to freedom of speech and condemning senseless violence, as the leader of America he should be taking the strongest speech to let the Muslim world know we will not tolerate this behavior. 

Music from Today’s Show:

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8:50- Incubus- 1984/Japandroids- The House that Heaven Built

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