Mismatched Schedules
Posted 9/25/2012 9:17:00 AM

As Jamie talked about today, President Obama met with the foreign dignitaries on the View.  With all that’s going on, that takes much greater precedence than meeting with say…Netanyahu, or making sure that the Middle East doesn’t blow up in general.  I guess it’s a little late for that last part.  We have the world basically spinning out of control, and he’s yucking it up, telling the ladies that he is eye candy.  We honestly need a leader who takes his job seriously, not someone who’s golf score seems to be of the upmost importance.  Of course, good old’ Chuck Todd will admit in this clip that it’s pretty weird that the President wouldn’t meet with any leaders, but he wants to put it all on the Republicans, how about concerned citizens in general?  With all of the tumult and chaos, we need a leader who actually understands the importance of American leadership in the world instead of one who lets his hacks use excuses like his schedule wasn’t lining up to meet with Netanyahu et al.  Somehow he can go to all his fundraisers, meet with David Letterman and the ladies on the View, but not with people who are looking to us for a little leadership.



Music from Today's Show:

Charles Glenn- The Star Spangled Banner
5:20- Brandi Carlisle- Hard Way Home
5:35- Young the Giant- My Body
5:50- Tennessee Mafia Jug Band- Turkey and the Straw
6:37- Kings of Leon- Fans
6:50- Fanfarlo- Shiny Things
7:37- Vampire Weekend- Ottoman
7:50- Death Cab for Cutie- You Are a Tourist
8:22- Tennessee Mafia Jug Band- Turkey and the Straw
8:37- White Stripes- My Doorbell
8:50- The Offspring- Days Go By

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