All Hail Higher Standards and the Kingmaker
Posted 9/20/2012 7:25:00 AM


The mainstream media strikes again!  They can’t authenticate the Obama redistribution tape, so Andrea Mitchell and all her pals at MSNBC aren’t going to air it.  It’s amazing how they now have a standard for what they’ll play.  If it might hurt their Messiah they can’t air it.  This is just getting obvious and laughable.  They didn’t hesitate to play the Romney 47% tape, even though Mother Jones is now admitting that one to two minutes is missing.  Do they actually believe that we don’t see their love affair with Obama and their double standard?

If that’s not enough for you, did you happen to catch David Letterman last night?  I am judging by the ratings that you probably didn’t.  However, Dave’s lackluster showing doesn’t seem to faze him from thinking that he is a kingmaker.  If Romney wants to make it into the White House he needs to stop by Late Night and be anointed by High Priest Letterman, at least that’s according to Dave.  Apparently, all roads to the White House intersect through the set of Late Night.  I’m laughing so hard I almost choked on my water.  Do any of you really believe that Dave Letterman has that much pull?


Music From Today's Show:

US Navy Band- The Star Spangled Banner
Alanis Morrsette- You Learn
Imagine Dragons- Demons
The Who- I'm One
Robert Cray- I Shiver
The Cure- Pictures of You
AWOLNation- Kill Your Heroes
Killers- Read My Mind
Beck- Sunday Girl
Electric Guest- This Head I Hold
Kaiser Chiefs- Good Days and Bad Days

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