Video of the SHARKCAT on a Rooma, Bowling an ALMOST Perfect Game, & Top Detroit Tourism Slogans
Posted 8/7/2013 3:00:00 PM

In honor of "Shark Week", someone uploaded a video of their cat wearing a shark costume . . . while it rides around the kitchen on a Roomba.

They uploaded a similar video back in November that got a bunch of hits. But this one's funnier, because it shows the cat banging into stuff and not even caring.

And the owner is standing in the background shucking corn like it's no big deal.


They might be bankrupt, but they still want you to know that they're open for business. Here are the Top Detroit Tourism Slogans.

Come See Why Eminem's On Vicodin.

Detroit . . . Come For The Motown Museum, Stay Because You Bought A House For Ten Dollars!

No Matter Where You Live, You'll Feel Better About it After You Leave Here.

Sick of Pro Football? See a Lions Game!

Where Your Faith in America Comes to Die.

Detroit: Hey, At Least We're Not Detroit. Oh, Wait, We Are. Never Mind.

Believe It or Not, We Used to Have a Professional Basketball Team!

Come Watch the Filming of an Excruciatingly Sanctimonious Michael Moore Movie!

It's Not THAT Much Worse Than Cleveland!

A guy named Troy Walker was bowling in a tournament in Houston over the weekend and was one strike away from a perfect game. Then on his final roll . . . which looked pretty good . . . the arm from the machine that racks the pins dropped down and BLOCKED THE BALL.

He did get a do-over, but left three pins standing for a final score of 297.


Posted By: Max Foizey  

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