Incredible "Pool Basketball" Videos, The Hottest Lady of 2013, & Top Reasons You Didn't Go To Comic-Con
Posted 7/18/2013 3:00:00 PM

A new online trend this summer is to get a bunch of friends together at a pool with a mini basketball hoop, and record yourself doing back-to-back alley oops while each person jumps in . . . then the last person who catches the ball dunks it. posted a Vine video of seven guys doing it.

Then someone sent them a video of TEN guys doing it.

Heading to San Diego for Comic-Con? No?

Perhaps your excuse will be found here in theTop Reasons You're Not Going to Comic-Con.

You bailed on "Game of Thrones" after it became an overcomplicated mish-mash of random characters with maddeningly intricate storylines. In other words, Episode Two.

And disrupt your Royal Baby Watch? Are you a madman?!?

There's a cheaper fantasy world that allows you to escape your family called "alcohol."

You get woozy around the smell of zit cream.

The only time you pay attention to a large group of virgins is when they're electing a Pope.

You're right in the middle of battling a powerful super-villain called UNEMPLOYMENT.

You have no interest doing something that nerdy. Plus, it's happening at the same time as the Renaissance Fair.

From "Maxim" to "People" to "Men's Health", there have been about 50 different lists this year telling us who the hottest women are. But the Huffington Post has published the ULTIMATE list . . . because they compiled data from all the other lists to figure out which ladies were making the most appearances.

They based their rankings on how many times a woman made the Top 10 of a hottest woman list, how many times she made the Top 5 . . . and if she made it to #1 on any particular lists.

And the overall queen of 2013 is . . . JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

She was voted #1 by, and overall, she appeared SIX times in the Top 10 of various "sexy" lists, and made FIVE appearances in the Top 5.

The rundown of the LEGIT hottest women of 2013 begins here . . .

1. Jennifer Lawrence: Six Top 10 appearances, Five Top 5 appearances, Voted #1 by

2. Mila Kunis: Four Top 10 appearances, Four Top 5 appearances, Voted #1 by Reddit users.

3. Rihanna: Three Top 10 appearances, One Top 5 appearance, Voted #1 by "Complex" magazine.

4. Kate Upton: Three Top 10 appearances, Three Top 5 appearances.

5. Miley Cyrus: Two Top 10 appearances, One Top 5 appearance, Voted #1 by "Maxim".

6. Katy Perry: Two Top 10 appearances, One Top 5 appearances, Voted #1 by "Men's Health".

Meanwhile . . . both Scarlett Johansson and Alison Brie made two Top 10s and two Top 5s, but neither were voted #1 on any list.

Selena Gomez, Beyonce and Emma Stone all managed two Top 10s and one Top 5, but never made it to #1 either.

What, no love for Natalie Portman or Emma Watson?

I'd post pictures of these lovely ladies but THE MAN says we can't, so let's end this blog with an even better "pool basketball" video, this one from 2011 that involved six people and a no-look SHOT rather than a dunk.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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