Explosion On Air, Restaurant Secrets You Don't Want To Know, & Top Ways to Make Baseball More Exciting
Posted 7/16/2013 3:00:00 PM

On Friday morning, a news team in Corpus Christi, Texas was a few seconds into the show when an EXPLOSION nearby was so powerful, it shook the studio.

All three anchors jumped when it happened, then joked about how it felt like it came from INSIDE the studio. It turned out to be a natural gas explosion that destroyed a nearby home, and seriously injured two men inside.

But obviously the anchors had no way of knowing that.


Excited about Major League Baseball's All-Star Game tonight? No? Maybe you would be if they made a few changes.

Here are the Top Ways to Make Baseball More Exciting.

Put Jose Canseco in charge of drug testing.

Stop letting Pittsburgh have a team.

As insane as it sounds, try to limit the games to nine hours or less.

Install cameras in Cubs fans' homes and broadcast live footage of them slowly drinking themselves to death.

Put a big screen behind home plate showing a football game.

A new survey asked people to name the country where eight famous dishes originated . . . and at least 89% of people got them WRONG. See if you can get them right . . .

1. Pasta was actually invented in . . .


2. Worcestershire sauce was actually invented in . . .


3. Chop suey was actually invented in . . .

the U.S.

4. French fries were actually invented in . . .


5. Lasagna was actually invented in . . .


6. Fajitas were actually invented in . . .

the U.S.

7. Cheesecake was actually invented in . . .

ancient Greece.

8. And garlic bread was actually invented in . . .

the U.S.

When we eat at restaurants, we HAVE to suspend disbelief. We have to pretend the kitchen is totally sanitary even though we know it's probably not.

We have to pretend our waiter doesn't hate us, even though he totally does.

We've got a list here of four of the unpleasant behind-the-scenes restaurant secrets that you don't WANT to know . . . and may have to just pretend you don't know.

1. Your food probably contains the chef's saliva. He uses a spoon to sample the food and might not worry about double dipping.

2. You're drinking someone else's wine. When people order bottles of wine and don't finish them, restaurants sometimes serve that wine in individual glasses the next day.

3. Restaurants want you to order pizza and the specials. Pizza is the cheapest thing to make and has the highest mark-up. Specials are really just foods the restaurant really wants to get rid of.

4. Don't get the second-cheapest bottle of wine. Restaurants know you will order the second-cheapest bottle of wine, because you don't want to order the cheapest one. So the second-cheapest one has the biggest price mark-up.

To end today’s blog I present a really funny musical number (written by the great Gail Simone) from Batman: The Brave and The Bold featuring Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary – - -

- - -A.K.A. the Birds of Prey.


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