Eat From the Dumpster at Golden Corral, New Footage of Cops Shooting Dog, & Top Signs You Picked the Wrong Car Repair Shop
Posted 7/9/2013 3:00:00 PM

Golden Corral fired the manager in Port Orange, Florida who left raw food out by the dumpster in that viral video.

If you haven't seen it, an employee posted two YouTube videos last week showing raw ribs and burger patties on racks in the dumpster area.

In the first video, the kid says the food's out there because an inspection is taking place.

And in the second one, he says it'll be put back in the freezer after the inspection.

But according to Golden Corral, none of the food was actually served, it was all thrown out within the hour, and the kid who posted the video HELPED throw it out.

Also, his dad posted an offer online the next day trying to SELL the video for $5,000.

But either way, Golden Corral obviously wasn't happy about the attention.

Dave Glover is going on vacation soon, driving down to Florida. I'm sure before he leaves town on his summer road trip, he had his car looked at by a professional.

We hope he didn't encounter any of the Top Signs You Picked the Wrong Car Repair Shop.

None of the calendars on its walls feature scantily clad women holding power tools.

At some point while you're in the waiting room, the mechanic approaches you holding a jumble of wires and goes, "Looks like your warp drive is shot."

They're still working on a Pontiac Fiero someone brought in back in 1987.

The mechanic freaks out and runs to the sink every time he gets oil on his hands.

When you ask them about mufflers, they show you a selection of stylish scarves.

When you ask how long your car will be in the shop, the mechanic goes, "Depends on how long it takes to find a new dilithium crystal."

They fixed your car quickly for a fair price. Clearly, they know nothing.

Have you seen the new video of those California cops shooting the dog to death? We posted the original video a few days ago on the blog, and here we have a different angle, perhaps showing the dog WAS going to attack the cop.

Once again, we warn you that this video is DISTURBING and you may not want to watch it.

As the Zimmerman trial heads closer to its conclusion we end today's blog with a plea to the people of America to "Raise Your Voice and Not Your Hands."


Posted By: Max Foizey  

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