Posted 7/3/2013 3:00:00 PM


Yes, the day before we celebrate our nation’s independence......

......we celebrate Canada’s GREATEST LIVING ARTIST......

......one AVRIL LAVIGNE!

We usually celebrate with lots of saucy pictures of Canada’s hottest export on this here blog, but THE MAN says we can’t do that anymore.

So we’ll celebrate with NONSTOP AVRIL music all day on the DGS!

Join in on Twitter with the hashtags




When AVRIL LAVIGNE married NICKELBACK singer CHAD KROEGER at a Castle in France on Monday, she wore a BLACK DRESS.

In her defense, it IS her second marriage.

Ladies, there are probably all manner of myths about wearing a black wedding dress. But do you believe them?

Would you be AFRAID to wear black to your wedding?

Even if you don't believe it's bad luck, what do you think of it as a fashion statement?

Or are you more prone to do it now that AVRIL has?

Tomorrow is of course JULY 4th, and we know a lot about what the founding fathers said back in 1776, but what if they were around now?

Here are the Top Things Our Founding Fathers Would Say if They Were Alive Today.

What do you mean, 'You just shot a Target employee'? I thought he was a redcoat!

The change machine is broken. Anyone have four me's for a me?

George Washington and James Madison get universities, and all I get is an HBO movie starring Paul Giamatti? Not cool!

So, which one of us will Daniel Day-Lewis play next?

We're not here for the 4th of July. We're just dying to meet North West.

While we never talked openly about Betsy Ross' sexuality, let's just say, if she were around today, the only flag she'd be sewing would be a rainbow one.

I'm not sure what it is, but apparently the nation's most evil oppressor is something called gluten.

You know, after watching what Congress has become, that whole monarchy thing doesn't seem so bad after all.

Figures that Washington's face is on the one dollar bill, given how many he wasted making it rain at Ye Olde Strippe Clubbe!

Look, when you get YOUR face carved into a mountain, you can tell me I'm wrong.

I am SO money. Literally. Just look at the one dollar bill. I'm money.

Thanks to Piers Morgan, I have even MORE reason to hate the Brits.

Whoa, whoa . . . slow down a sec. What do you mean women get the right to vote?

That's a very interesting iPhone you have. So tell me, what's a phone?

Look out! Giant metal bird!

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  1. MatthewB_9 posted on 07/04/2013 08:15 AM
    Reading the Top Things Our Founding Fathers Would Say if They Were Alive Today while having my morning coffee was not a smart idea. Now my computer monitor is sticky and smells like french vanilla and coffee.....Thanks Max.
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