Cops Shoot Dog To Death (Disturbing Video), Top Things About Living in L.A., & A Mascot in Slow Motion
Posted 7/2/2013 3:00:00 PM

Linguist John McWhorter says there is such a thing as "Black English."

Agree or disagree?

Here's the video.



I’m not sure you’re going to want to watch this video, which shows California cops arresting a man, and then fatally shooting the man’s dog.

52 year-old Leon Rosby had the dog since it was a puppy, and said “All Max (his dog) ever did was love me.”

Cops say they arrested Rosby because his car’s loud music was distracting to a robbery investigation, though some believe the cops were uneasy about Rosby videotaping them.

I understand officers must use caution around dogs, but it seems quite sad the decision was made to shoot and kill this man’s dog when other options surely must have been available.

Once again, you might not want to watch this very graphic video.

Leave your thoughts on this incident in the comments below.


In other California news, it's a new era in Los Angeles as Eric Garcetti was sworn in as mayor on Sunday.

See why he loves his city with the Top Best Things About Living in Los Angeles.

If you time your visit right, you could watch a mudslide extinguish a brush fire during a race riot caused by an earthquake!

If you have too much crack, you can always find someone to share it with.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great place to see tributes to the stars. And also to get stabbed by a hobo.

That homeless guy washing your windshield who looks like Nick Nolte IS Nick Nolte.

If you can't make friends, there's always some sort of gang you can join.

You can leave baseball games early fully confident you won't miss a Dodgers rally.

Jay Leno only has seven months to go.

You can visit any Starbucks and see tomorrow's unsold screenplays being written today.

You can spend 20 hours a week in your car and only put 10 miles on the odometer.

You can drink extra large sodas any time you want. In your face, New York!

You can drive to work, or walk to work, and it takes the exact same amount of time.

The Pittsburgh Pirates mascot . . . the Pirate Parrot . . . dove onto the field after a foul ball on Sunday.

And for some reason, it's hilarious in slow motion.


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