Paula Deen Breaks Down Crying On Air, Robin Thicke's NSFW Video, & Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Vegan
Posted 6/26/2013 3:00:00 PM

Paula Deen was on the Today Show and broke down crying for most of the segment, saying "I Is What I Is."


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So you say you're going to throw away your Paula Deen cookbooks and start eating healthy? Well some scientists say people on a vegan diet are healthier and live longer. But before you swear off Quarter-Pounders forever . . . you should first check out the Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Vegan.

Am I looking forward to a joyless life?

If someone who doesn't know any better tries serving me a burger, do I A.) Politely decline, or B.) Squeal "Ewww!" and hit him with a look of such indignation I come across as a giant douche?

Do I realize the only years I'm adding to my life are the ones that suck?

Is this the best way to let others know I'm a judgmental tool?

Am I fine with the fact my lifestyle decision will do nothing to dissuade 99.9% of Americans to continue eating their weight in chicken tenders?

Can I still think PETA are a bunch of annoying, self-righteous A-holes, or do I have to join?

Vegan? Have I forgotten about how damned good bacon is?

Without milk, what do I put in my morning white Russian?

Is it really that important for my food to taste good?

Can I still eat animals if they were evil, or died of natural causes?

Is beer a vegetable?

This next video probably would have been better last week during "The Voice" finale. But someone spliced together footage from the show with footage of JOHN LENNON performing "Imagine".

And apparently if he was a contestant, he wouldn't do very well. None of the judges pick him, and they basically think he has talent . . . but isn't quite good enough.

Then at the end, it shows a preview of them reacting to BOB DYLAN'S vocal talents.


Think you can meet your soulmate through an online dating service? Hopefully you can. But we think you should first consult this list of the Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an Online Dating Service.

Should I be worried if any dates want to meet up in the crawlspace of an abandoned cabin in the woods?

If under "Sex," I put, "Yes, seeking tons of it!" women will find it hilarious, right?

What's the best lighting to accurately capture the sheer majesty of my nine-inch unibrow?

Will I be able to mask my disgust if it turns out my date is over 26?

Why has drunkenly hitting on chicks at a TGI Friday's seemed to have worked for everyone but me?

Is this what giving up feels like?

My wife will never find out about this, right?

Should I include a photo of me with all my cats . . . or just my ten favorites?

Can I still join if I'm not Christian, and I don't want to mingle?


If you came to today's blog to see the NSFW Robin Thicke video for Blurred Lines, you're out of luck. I had to take it down.

I was told that company policy is "no nudity on our websites" which makes sense and I should have checked before posting the video, which is currently very popular on YouTube (the reason I was able to embed it in the first place).

I do think it's interesting that I can post a video like the one the other day of a mother being savagely beaten in front of her small child (something I did not want to post) but I'm told to take a video with nudity down.

So remember, real world violence is OK but nudity is not!

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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