Reality Show 72 HOURS Features a Saint Louis Connection!
Posted 6/25/2013 6:30:00 PM

TNT’s newest heart-pounding adventure competition series, 72 HOURS, has a great St Louis hometown contestant – Van Becker - competing in the fourth episode, airing this Friday, June 28 at 9:15pm CST on TNT!

Van mentioned to the TNT producers that he’s a regular caller on the Dave Glover Show, so I thought I’d do an e-mail interview with him.

But first, here is a bit about the show.


Each week, 72 HOURS literally DROPS you into the wild as they release nine strangers in exotic locations with nothing but a bottle of water and a GPS tracking device.

In teams of three, they have just 72 hours to navigate the wilderness against treacherous terrain in a race to be the first to find a hidden briefcase filled with the $100,000 Grand Prize!!

Here is my e-mail interview with Van:

Max Foizey: How did you get involved with 72 hours?

Van Becker: My former general manager, John Seiler, left the club I work as a personal trainer, to start his own cross fit training center. He was contacted by Pitman Casting via email and asked of there were others who might be interested in such an adventure. I sent in my application, went through several questionnaires, made it through a Skype interview and then an audition in Los Angeles. Weeks later I was notified I had been selected, waited for the plan to be revealed when and where, and my 72 Hour Adventure in Tasmania began. It was shot last November.

Max: Are you a big reality show buff?

Van: Not so much, but in preparation for the show, I spent months watching every episode I could DVR on Man vs. Wild, Dual Survivor, and Survivorman. I watched dozens of YouTube survival videos.I was in scouting for 4 years, and achieved over 400 miles of hikes and over 50 nights of overnight camping.

Max: Is Saint Ann super excited to have one of their own on this show?

Van: I don’t think Saint Ann or St. Louis for that matter knows outside a few hundred friends, friends of friends, family, coworkers, clients and my Face Book friends both personally social and on three different real estate groups online. My family in St Louis, Troy, MO, and near Dexter, MO are informed and waiting for the show. My Bloomington family is too.

Max: How did you prepare to be dropped in the wilderness?

Van: I trained hard. Lots of swimming, up to ½ mile swims before I left. Training workouts emphasized workouts to store water and glucose in my muscles so that 72 hours of no food, I had plenty of carbs stored up in my muscles for emergencies. I watched dozens of hours of survival reality shows. I studied the Tasmania local flora and fauna online hoping to find edibles. I listened to a lot of NLP (neural linguistic programming) audios on my iPhone on confidence, creativity, mental toughness, motivation and success. I think I went on a bit over prepared. Old phrase, go in loaded for bear and hope you only find rabbit. I even brought a suspension trainer with me and worked out in my room until the show began.

Max: Have you ever done anything like this before?

Van: Closest thing was a 72 mile backpack carrying everything at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico. I got lost and had to find my way back by using my fairly good sense of direction. Also had a bear step on my foot one night. Scary moment. While we were there, our camp got quarantined for the plague. I led a group of guys to do something simply ridiculously tough. We got permission to use axes and cut down a 7 story, 2.5’ diameter tree. Took better part of 8 hours but we brought it down. Made ourselves known and famous on that trip.

Max: Did you bring any good luck charms?

Van: I wore my wife’s blue turquoise, leather and silver necklace as a wrist band.

Max: I hear you’re a regular caller to the Dave Glover Show, what do you like best about the show and what do you wish we’d stop doing?

Van: I love Battle of the Half Wits!!!!!! I often call on issues regarding fitness and wellness, but sometimes political. I also call the Randy Tobler show almost monthly. I know Becca. She used to work where I work. I cannot complain, I love listening to the show. My sister April knows Dave Glover from the days he used to frequent a big establishment in Earth City she waitressed at.

Max: We are all pulling for you a wish you good luck on 72 Hours, do you have any words for Saint Louis?

Van: Thanks much. Although I moved around a lot, I still call St. Louis area my home. I proudly tell people I am from Warrenton, MO where I graduated high school. This year is 40 years. I am from St Louis, but I grew up in Warrenton. It was tough but I wouldn’t take it back. I left St. Louis for a while, but came back. Since I have come back, life has been both challenging and rewarding. I tell people, St. Louis can be a great place to grow up and raise a family. It’s a slower pace. The people are generally nicer and more laid back. I still chuckle when people ask where I went to high school.

Thanks for the interview, Van!

I sent a follow up e-mail to Becca just to make sure she knew this guy, and here’s how that went:

-----Original Message-----

From: Max

To: Becca

Do you know this guy Dalton Van Becker?

-----Original Message-----

From: Becca

To: Max

Yes, he’s a personal trainer, good guy.

So tune in and root Van on to victory!

His episode of 72 HOURS will air this Friday, June 28th at 9:15pm CST on TNT!

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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