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I'll review that flick next week. See a cool pic featuring Mike and Sully on today's blog.

Have you ever heard of Florida's SKUNK APE?

This guy has: 


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Opening this weekend is a complete reboot of the Superman franchise that has no connection to 2006's "Superman Returns". It stars Henry Cavill as your new Superman and jumps straight to General Zod as the main villain.

Zod is played by Michael Shannon from "Boardwalk Empire". The movie is directed by Zack Snyder, the guy who did "300", "Watchmen", and the "Dawn of the Dead" remake.

It also stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. Russell Crowe plays Superman's Kryptonian dad Jor-El . . . while his Earth parents are played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.

"Law & Order: SVU's" Christopher Meloni and "The West Wing's" Richard Schiff are also in it.

The release of "Man of Steel" marks the 75th anniversary for Superman. He first appeared in Action Comics in 1938. And about 10 years later, a guy named Kirk Alyn became the first guy to wear the red tights.

And even though most of you have never heard of him before, he's actually more of a successful hero than Brandon Routh . . . because Kirk got to star in TWO movies, while Brandon was abandoned after "Superman Returns".

When most people think of Superman, it's usually one of two actors who come to mind: George Reeves from the 1950s TV series "The Adventures of Superman", or Christopher Reeve from the four movies he did in the '80s.

George Reeves was TV's Superman for six seasons and a guest spot on "I Love Lucy". Dean Cain enjoyed the role for four years in the '90s on "Lois & Clark", but Tom Welling actually played the part the longest, with 10 seasons of "Smallville".

It's time for another round of Fact or Bullcrap. We give you a statement, you tell us whether it's a FACT, or BULLCRAP. Today's theme is the new Superman movie . . . "Man of Steel" . .  .

1. Henry Cavill is the first non-American to play Superman.

Bullcrap: He's the first to play ADULT Superman . . . but a British baby named Lee Quigley played him as an infant in the first "Superman" movie.

2. Russell Crowe is the second Oscar winner to play Superman's birth dad . . . Jor-El.

Fact: Marlon Brando played him in the original movie.

3. This is the first Superman movie that Lex Luthor doesn't appear in.

Bullcrap: It's the third. He wasn't in 1983's "Superman Three" . . . or the 1951 movie "Superman and the Mole Men".

4. This is the first Superman movie that Jimmy Olsen doesn't appear in.

Fact: His character was in all the Superman movies . . . and he was also in "Supergirl".

5. Amy Adams . . . who plays Lois Lane . . . was in an episode of "Smallville".

Fact: She was in an episode in season one.

6. This is the first Superman movie that doesn't have his Fortress of Solitude.

Bullcrap: It's in this movie too . . . It's a spaceship from Krypton that's hidden in the Arctic.

7. Henry Cavill met Russell Crowe when he was an extra in one of Russell's movies.

Fact: He was in "Proof of Life" . . . and Russell gave him an autographed picture and told him to stick with acting.

8. Amy Adams was chosen for the role of Lois without auditioning.

Bullcrap: It was her third time auditioning for the role of Lois. She was turned down for "Superman Returns" and for another Superman movie that didn't end up being made.

9. At two hours and 23 minutes, it's the longest Superman movie ever made.

Bullcrap: "Superman"was just as long . . . and "Superman Returns" was 11 minutes longer.

10. This is the first Superman movie that doesn't have his name in the title.

Fact: Superman was mentioned in all the previous titles.

If you'd rather see Man of Steel done as a bad junior high MUSICAL . . . the YouTube duo Rhett & Link have posted a four-and-a-half minute video called "Man of Steel: The Musical".


There have been rumors that Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in "Man of Steel", is gay.

Not that Henry's sexual orientation matters . . . but we wondered what it'd be like if his character was gay. Here are the Top Signs Superman is Gay.

Have you seen the Fortress of Solitude? It's immaculate.

Even though he was born over seventy years ago, he still looks like he's 28. So obviously he moisturizes.

He has two dads.

As soon as he could, he got the hell out of Kansas.

He gets weak-kneed around a pretty green crystal.

The "S" on his chest stands for SASSY!

All those years hanging with Lana Lang, Lois Lane and Wonder Woman and his throat is 100% cancer-free!


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