Benefit for CPL Justin McCloud, Great BBQ, & Top Great Things About Drinking Beer
Posted 6/7/2013 3:00:00 PM

We wanted to remind you that we need your help this Saturday at On-Target Shooting Range and Gun Store in Valley Park.

Glover will be there from 11am till 1pm and we’ll be raising money for triple amputee Marine Cpl. Justin McLoud.

We’ll have gun raffles, barbeque, and much more - it's all at On-Target Shooting Range and Gun Store 590 Vance Road Valley Park, MO p. (636) 861-1055 CLICK HERE for their website.

As an added bonus you'll be able to eat THE BEST BBQ YOU'VE EVER HAD!

Jeff Fitter of Phatso's BBQ will start serving at 11am and go until 1pm. 

For an $8.00 donation you'll get pulled pork, chips, cole slaw and your choice or water or soda. 

Check out Phatso's on Facebook at HERE or their website HERE.

Well as you're reading this I'm in Metropolis, Illinois for their annual Superman Celebration. While I'm there I plan to meet celebrities, buy collectibles, and drink lots of beer.

For the first time since the recession started, beer sales in the U.S. are up. Those responsible for the increase will no doubt agree with today's list of the Top Great Things About Drinking Beer.

If you put two cans of it on either side of a plastic helmet with a straw, people will think you're sophisticated.

It's a great beverage to bond with your son over. But wait until the summer. Because third grade requires focus.

If you wrap the can in a brown paper bag, nobody will ever suspect you're drinking it.

You can buy it in a 6-pack when you're with a friend, a 12-pack when you're with a group, and a 24-pack when you're alone.

It's packed with so many calories that it's like enjoying cake in a bottle!

Certain brands offer a taste of Mexico without the threat of getting beheaded.

It helps to numb the pain of your miserable existence.

Everyone's awesome. Until they're not anymore and you have to fight them.

You can't make a cool pyramid out of wine bottles.

Thanks to blackouts, you're not reliving old memories, you're doing something BRAND NEW!

Drinking a craft-brewed, West Coast style, small batch, cask conditioned IPA is a convenient way to let everybody know you're an elitist hipster!

According to commercials, if you and your guy friends are drinking beer, eventually a bunch of hot girls in bikinis show up.

It's the only thing that helps you tolerate your wife, Reese Witherspoon.

It's fun watching the little mountains on the can turn blue.

If you drink enough of it, you can rest your beer on your beer belly.

If your day was bad, beer can make it better. And if your day was good . . . beer can make it even better.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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