Castro's Attorney, Holder Confronts Issa, Scarborough Confronts Axelrod, & Top Signs You're A Hipster
Posted 5/15/2013 3:00:00 PM

New video for you: Holder Calls Issa's Conduct 'Shameful' At House Hearing.

I understand everyone deserves a fair trial and legal defense, but Ariel Castro's attorney is saying he's not a monster?


There's a new fake trailer on YouTube that uses clips from Robert Redford's 1974 version of "The Great Gatsby" . . . but music from the NEW version.

And it actually kind of works.

I enjoyed Baz Lurhman's The Great Gatsby, and I'm not even a hipster. Which is A-OK, as a new survey found a majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of hipsters.

And if you have any uncertainty about being one yourself . . . just check out the Top Signs You're a Hipster.

You've never enjoyed anything enjoyable ever.

See how you're wearing rain boots on a sunny day? THAT.

Your girlfriend can't find her skinny jeans . . . because you're wearing them.

You draw your own comic books about raising your own urban chickens.

You can name all of Mumford's sons.

You WON'T stay at a Holiday Inn. You WILL stay at a Neutral Milk Hotel.

You even got that Neutral Milk Hotel reference.

Even your back hair is ironic.

You're wearing the same watch you did in the fourth grade.

You took a job at Subway just to get one of those "Sandwich Artist" shirts to someday wear ironically.

You have more than one extra small T-shirt featuring the Tootsie Roll owl.

You just finished a screenplay about a guy who's writing a screenplay.

You wear a toboggan during the summer, a baseball cap during the winter, and a condescending smirk all year round.

You love "Portlandia". Until I start loving "Portlandia". Then you stop loving "Portlandia".

No matter how hot it is, you wear a plaid shirt over six thermals.

You have your own blog all about how blogs are SO over.

Despite the stunning authenticity of your trucker hat, you're actually NOT a seasoned long-haul driver.

You don't own a single piece of clothing that doesn't prominently feature Che Guevara.

You won't listen to a band that doesn't have a mandolin.

You just rolled your own cigarette to light your American Spirit with.

You have all of The Strokes albums . . . on vinyl.

When you grow up, you aspire to be a barista, record store clerk, or artist.

You're uploading black and white pics of James Dean to your Tumblr page as we speak.

You were over this list before it even started.

We'll end today's blog with Joe Scarborough blowing up  at David Axelrod Over DOJ/AP Records.

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Posted By: Max Foizey  

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