Grasshopper Tacos, Comic Book Shop Attacks, & Top Things You Don't Want To Hear From Your Secretary
Posted 5/6/2013 3:00:00 PM

On Friday’s DGS our pal George Mahe (STL Mag Dining Editor) brought in some tacos….but not just any kind of tacos…..these were GRASSHOPPER TACOS.

Mark Klose took a big ol’ bite…..then Georgie told him what he just swallowed. Check out a pic of a stunned Klose on today’s blog.


You’ll also see a pic of an Elmo comic book I picked up for my son at my LCS (Local Comic Shop) this past Saturday…it was Free Comic Book Day nationwide.

All over the country, comic book stores celebrated the day with events . . . and like all comic book events, people obviously showed up in costumes.

Unfortunately, 31-year-old Adam Barnes of Westbrook, Maine was NOT okay with that. Adam showed up drunk to an event at Coast City Comics in Portland, Maine.

And out of nowhere, he ATTACKED a guy who was dressed as a STORM TROOPER from "Star Wars".

A guy dressed like one of the team from "Ghostbusters" tried to step in, and took a PUNCH TO THE FACE. The problem here was that Adam is 6-foot-4 and over 300 pounds.

If he HAD been in costume, he could've easily pulled off The Incredible Hulk.

And we're guessing there weren't many people at the event who could take down a guy that size.

Fortunately the police got there quickly. Adam TAUNTED them and they ended up taking him down with a Taser.

Adam was charged with two counts of assault, disorderly conduct, and five counts of criminal threatening.

If only KAI had been there!

In honor of Administrative Professionals Week, here are the Top Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Secretary.

The IRS called about an audit. I told them to just come in whenever.

You know all those racist jokes you keep telling me? Wanna hear 'em back on my iPhone?

The coffee's waiting for you on your desk, sir. As is an envelope you're to fill with thousands every month if you don't want anyone to know I'm carrying your baby.

Do you want me to call you "boss"? Or would "guy whose repeated unwanted sexual advancements I've caught on a lipstick-cam" be better?

Peggy Olson started out as Don Draper's secretary and then worked her way up to having her own office. What I'm saying is, I spend 90% of the day talking about "Mad Men".

Well you can't expect me to remember EVERY message during a week when I'm on a juice cleanse.

Hey look, some "hilarious prankster" taped pictures of my face over your wife's in all your wedding photos!

I feel honesty is an important business quality. That's why I told your wife you go to strip clubs on your lunch break.

I didn't see anything in the handbook that prohibits listening to vampire erotica while I work.

I just added you to my cat photo mailing list!

Thanks for asking, but I don't think I'm gonna "whore it up" for Casual Friday.

We end today’s blog, for no reason, with Antoine Dodson.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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