Harlem Shake into a Bonfire, Autotuned Sweet Brown, & Top Questions a Guy Needs to Ask Himself Before Asking a Girl to Prom.
Posted 4/24/2013 3:00:00 PM

In Florida, a food-stamp recruiter deals with wrenching choices. Read the article from the Washington Post by clicking HERE.

Going to the Kentucky Derby? Don't bring your backpack.

In Germany, a group of friends wanted to make their own "Harlem Shake" video in front of a bonfire. And it's like all the other "Harlem Shake" videos. One guy dances by himself, then on cue, his other friends start dancing like crazy too.

Only in this video . . . one of the friends falls RIGHT INTO THE BONFIRE. Another friend DRAGS him out.

According to the guy who uploaded it to YouTube, the friend who fell in the fire got lucky . . . and only suffered minor blisters.

I've never heard of this before, and it's about to blow your mind . . . IF it's true. Apparently pizza delivery guys all know it, and have been using it for years.

In most elevators, you can make the elevator skip over ALL the other floors, even if someone pressed their buttons, and go directly to YOUR floor. You just need to press and hold your floor button AND the door close button for about seven to 10 seconds.

It won't work in every elevator, but most major manufacturers DO have it built in.

So if you're in an elevator where some kid pressed every single button and you're on the 36th floor . . . or you just want to feel important . . . try this out. And then let us know if it works!

It's prom season. So as a public service to the guys . . . here are the Top Questions a Guy Needs to Ask Himself Before Asking a Girl to Prom.

Which group of girls in my school has the least amount of self-respect?

Is her dad a strong presence in her life, or are we going to have fun?

Do I know exactly how much gas to put in the car so it runs out as soon as we're in the middle of nowhere?

Has she read "50 Shades of Grey"?

Do I even LIKE girls? Because I've been getting really into "Glee".

Will she be upset when she realizes this whole thing was an elaborate ruse to drench her in pig blood in front of the school because she's different?

Will her dad be upset if I bring her back late? And pregnant? But mostly, late?

Does she like Subway? Because after the tux and the limo, that's gonna have to do.

I’m sure a lot of those prom kids will be dancing to the Autotune goodness that is Sweet Brown.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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