FOX and CNN try to rap, Happy Birthday EmWats, and Top Things Overheard at the MTV Movie Awards
Posted 4/17/2013 3:00:00 PM

Last week CNN and Fox News were all over the story about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's trip to Cuba. And both networks thought it would be a good idea to feature reporters trying to RAP about it.

On CNN's "The Lead", Chief Washington Correspondent JAKE TAPPER asked viewers to send in their best rhymes about the story . . . and provided one of his own, which wasn't very good.

And on Fox News, DANA PERINO . . . who was White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush . . . rapped about her dog, and how she's, quote, "white like Casper."

Which is pretty obvious when you listen to her try to rap.

Did you watch the "MTV Movie Awards" Sunday night?

If not, we got you covered with the Top Things Overheard at the "MTV Movie Awards"

Wait, if Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell are BOTH here . . . who's dumbing-down moviegoers as a blithering man-child?!?

Brad Pitt's here as a presenter? Wow, he really DOES wanna get out of the house!

Hey, Jamie Foxx, I'm your biggest fan. Well, other than yourself.

Hey, Seth Rogen, love you in that movie where you're stoned and unfunny. Which one was that? Oh yeah, all of them.

We're halfway through the show and not a single visible nipple. Somebody's gonna get fired over this.

Is it me, or does that janitor look suspiciously like Dan Cortese?

Ahhh! I just caught the glare off Amanda Seyfried's forehead! I think I'm blind!

Here comes Adam Sandler doing his hilarious "jibberish-talking" bit. Pretend we're in the middle of a deep conversation.

Call me crazy, but I almost think the average MTV viewer is into popularity over substance.

This is like the Oscars for dumb people.

Hi. I'm over 30, so I have absolutely no idea what's going on here tonight.

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to Emma Watson (OK, her birthday was Monday, but we've been busy with breaking news on this blog), who won the MTV TRAILBLAZER AWARD during the MTV Movie Awards.

Enjoy some photos of EmWats on today’s blog.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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