Rick Pitino Is Easily Frightened, Brad is an Accidental Racist, and 6 inch Aliens
Posted 4/9/2013 3:00:00 PM

Louisville beat Michigan 82 to 76 in last night's NCAA championship, and when the confetti cannons let loose inside the Georgia Dome, it clearly scared the crap out of Louisville coach RICK PITINO.

Because he ducked and covered his head as if he'd just walked past a car bomb. Although in his defense, they were insanely loud.

Of course, after seeing that dude's leg snap last weekend, I'd be a little jumpy, too. . . . Combined with Kentucky's win last year, the state of Kentucky has now won the past two NCAA basketball championships. In other great news about Kentucky . . . no, that's it.

Travis Tritt sang the National Anthem before last night's game. After all, who better captures the spirit of inner city black kids who grew up playing street ball than an aging country artist?

BRAD PAISLEY'S new album "Wheelhouse" is out today . . . and one of the songs is already getting people fired up. It's called "Accidental Racist" and it features a rap break from LL COOL J.

The song takes a look at both sides of race relations in America. It opens with a white guy being harassed for wearing a LYNYRD SKYNYRD T-shirt that features a Confederate flag. Then LL Cool J rap talks about how people shouldn't judge him just because he's wearing saggy pants.

What do YOU think of this song? Leave your comments below.

Now this is odd. I had no idea about this flick. A documentary called 'Sirius' will be released soon that puports to feature an alien autopsy....of a 6 inch alien.


The film also says the reason why aliens and E.T.s are hushed up is becasue the BIG OIL companies would lose money once we harnessed the power of the alien's INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL devices.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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