Video of the Rutgers Basketball Coach, A Train Almost Hits a Woman, & Top Reasons You Don't Care About Baseball
Posted 4/3/2013 3:00:00 PM

Have you seen the Mike Rice video yet?

Here’s info from ESPN’s YouTube: Outside the Lines has obtained practice video that shows Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice berating, pushing and using slurs against players. John Barr has more on the tape and the reaction of a former Scarlet Knights assistant.

Do you think Rice was justifiably fired?

Leave your comments below.

I’m a much bigger Football and Basketball fan, but Baseball season is now officially underway. What's that you say? You're not into baseball either? Let's see why you couldn't care less with the Top Reasons I’m Not Into Major League Baseball.

Its games can be drawn out, monotonous, and feature very little action. And you already get that with your marriage.

You're a Cubs fan. And really, what's the point?

Between parking, tickets, fifteen beers, paying the sitter to come get your kid after you're arrested for stabbing a rival team's fan, and bail . . . it's just too damn expensive.

Not a single Texas Ranger is Chuck Norris!

You're still waiting for Fox to replace Tim McCarver with a giant mirror, so Joe Buck can finally work with his all-time favorite announcer.

You prefer sports where the games can be finished in UNDER nine hours.

As crazy as it sounds, you're starting to question the competitive balance of a sport where a single player's salary is higher than the combined payroll of an entire team. 

A woman in Brazil is lucky to be alive after jumping onto the tracks at a metro station to retrieve her cell phone. It happened on March 26th, and there's video of it online.

She managed to climb back on to the platform JUST before the train went by.


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