SNOWPACALYPSE, A Crazy Hole-In-One, & Top Things You Didn’t Know About Batman
Posted 3/25/2013 3:00:00 PM

Are you surviving the SNOWPACALYPSE?

Listener Tom sent in a picture you can see on today’s blog post…some cool new snow removal equipment MODOT uses to protect us from snow and Ice, and comes in handy when those damn Rebels attack!

Wizard World comic con hit Saint Louis this past weekend. It got me thinking…what do we REALLY know about the Caped Crusader?" So I was up all night researching these . . . Top Secrets of Batman.

One of the compartments in his utility belt is filled with grocery store club cards.

When he flicks his wrist just right, his Batarang returns with a pair of sorority girl's panties.

He recently replaced his Bat-boots with a pair of those tacky barefoot running shoes.

Alfred didn't stop bathing him until he was 25.

The Bat-Suit was made from the same indestructible compound scientists used to construct Matt Lauer.

At home he wears JUST the cape.

Even if you don't like golf, you should check this out. At the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando yesterday, a golfer named SERGIO GARCIA got his ball stuck in a tree.

And instead of taking a penalty stroke and hitting another ball, he climbed the tree and hit a one-handed shot back on to the fairway. (He ended up with a double-bogey though, and withdrew from the tournament two holes later.)

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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