Stomping on Jesus, Top Reasons to Get Excited about Spring...and Billy Squire Dancing
Posted 3/21/2013 3:00:00 PM

A student at Florida Atlantic University has some disturbing things to say about his professor Dr. Deandre Poole.


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Yesterday we posted a picture of MAMA JUNE that listeners said kinda looked like Tom on today's post you can see a morph of June/Tom by our Web Goddess Annie. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THAT!

Spring officially arrived yesterday. See why you think that's fantastic news with the Top Reasons You're Excited About Spring.

The longer the day, the longer your kids stay outside. The longer your kids stay outside, the less time you have to spend with them.

You live in Southern California, and you nearly froze to death during another BRUTAL 64-degree winter.

Now it's only SORTA tacky to wear your pastel Crocs.

There's no more entertaining way in the world to blow money than March Madness pools.

You love catching those Pittsburgh Pirates fans when they're still in, "You know, we might not be so bad this year" mode.

All your female Facebook friends start refreshing their Summer Fun Bikini albums.

Only two more weeks until Target puts up their Halloween display.

One way to celebrate spring (WE DON'T RECOMMEND THIS) is by jumping out of bed and dancing around in ill-advised fashion, much like BILLY SQUIRE.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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