Charlie Chaplin Time Travel Video, Top Things The Devil Is Thinking, and a Hot Pepper Challenge Gone Wrong
Posted 3/20/2013 3:00:00 PM

Ok we promised you this video yesterday; here is the CHARLIE CHAPLIN TIME TRAVEL video.

What do YOU think? Is this video evidence of a time traveler?

Leave your comments below!

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We’re talking a lot about the Devil today on the show, since we saw a guy at lunch who sort of looked devilish. We’re even doing the SWEET SIXTEEN OF THE BEST MOVIE DEVILS (De Niro!).

And of course a lot of people are saying that the Devil in the History Channel's mini-series, "The Bible", looks like President Obama. I wonder what Satan thinks about it?

Maybe we'll find out with the Top Things the Devil is Thinking this Morning.

Time to resume my hot streak against the angel on Charlie Sheen's other shoulder.

I think I'll pass on seeing "Burt Wonderstone" since I already spend enough time in Hell.

Okay, fun time's over. Time to cash in on that contract with Ashton Kutcher.

I don't know who invented the phrase, "Think outside the box." But he'll be joining me soon.

Man, signing that deal with Kris Jenner to ensure the world never goes a single day without hearing meaningless news about her insufferable family was the best decision I ever made!

I don't know what's more painful: Having your flesh slowly seared off by red-hot flames, or being a Charlotte Bobcats fan.

Time to go work my second job in customer service for AT&T! It's about that time again to hike up Ticketmaster's "convenience charge."

I need to find my son a new job now that his "Girls Gone Wild" enterprise is in the dump.

Mmm, I'm really enjoying this Devil's Food Cake. Or as I call it, cake.

How do I want my eggs? Deviled, of course!

For the record, I've never actually been "in the details."

Once Kim and Kanye's baby is born, I can finally move to Orlando and retire.

Listener Todd sent us this video of a Hot Pepper Challenge Gone Wrong.

We’re not sure if it’s fake but it sure is funny.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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