A New Pope, A New Donkey Kong, and a Dog That Snores Like A Duck
Posted 3/13/2013 3:00:00 PM

And now, a snoring dog that sounds like a duck. Thank you, internet.

A new pope was elected today.

Dennis Rodman is in Rome to meet the new pope. This is a golden opportunity for whoever's elected. Think about it: If he can convince Dennis to stop thinking so highly of himself, he'll have his first miracle right there.

In anticipation of announcing the new pope, the Vatican installed cell phone jamming devices to reduce updates on social sites. Wait, then how's the new pope going to Tweet a picture of himself doing a duckface in the bathroom mirror?

Day one of the Papal Conclave wrapped up without a decision on the next pope. However, the cardinals DID all agree that Michonne is the new fave character on "The Walking Dead".

The new pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, AKA Pope Francis I.

I wonder if he’s a fan of Donkey Kong.

"Donkey Kong" has been around for 30 years . . . and apparently no one ever noticed that it was just a little bit sexist. Mike Mika, who is a game developer at Other Ocean Interactive in Canada, found that out when his three-year-old daughter Ellis started playing it.

Ellis complained that she didn't want to be Mario and have to rescue Pauline. Instead, she wanted to play as Pauline. But that wasn't an option in the game.

So her dad used his technical ability and HACKED the 2010 NES Donkey Kong ROM. He was able to switch the characters so Pauline was the one trying to rescue Mario.

He even remembered to change the M . . . for Mario . . . at the top of the screen to a P. His version of the game is called "Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition" . . . and he has a demo of the game up on YouTube.

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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