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Posted 3/8/2013 3:00:00 PM

In theatres now is a prequel to the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz", about a small town illusionist who's sucked into a tornado and transported to Oz, where he manages to convince everyone he's a powerful wizard.

It's directed by "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi, James Franco plays the wizard, Michelle Williams is Glinda the Good Witch, and the other two witches are played by Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis (see pictures of Mila on today’s blog. You’re welcome).

By the way, if you watch this movie while listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" . . . nothing happens. But you'll be so stoned, who cares? The Kansas scenes are all in black and white, just like in the original movie, and everything switches to color once he lands in Oz.

And of course, what Oz movie would be complete without flying monkeys (baboons?) and a green-skinned wicked witch. With heaving, corseted witch cleavage.

In "Oz", a tornado takes a carnival worker to a faraway world. In real life, carnies visit new worlds with something called, "methamphetamine."

An Oklahoma woman arrested for meth possession had meth between her buttocks and a loaded gun in her lady parts. Sadly, meth addicts like this are everywhere . . . maybe even very close to you.

Here are the Top Signs Your Next Door Neighbor is a Meth Head.

He re-paved his entire driveway . . . at three o'clock in the morning.

He's the only guy in the neighborhood who owns a Hazmat suit.

His basement exploded three times last month.

For Halloween last year he went as Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" . . . and didn't even need a costume.

You're constantly smoking meth with him.

He volunteers to be the neighborhood watch captain. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. And is there anything else you want him to do? Huh? Huh? HUH?

You live in a trailer park in the Midwest and . . . no, that's it.

The fall of Mark Klose’s #1 pop icon Justin Bieber continues as he dishes out some salty language at a paparazzi.

(Warning! Bad words, yo!)

I can’t decide if the paparazzi or Biebs was a bigger DBag.

Speaking of DBags, Hey look, it’s Chris Brown!

Somebody give this man TEN DOLLARS!

Let’s round out the blog today with more film news…

The trailer for the third Hangover flick has hit the interwebs…and it looks like a whole lot of nothing.

I enjoyed The Hangover sequel even…but this just looks lame.

What do YOU think?

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