A Meteor Hits Russia, Does This Mean It's A Good Day to Die Hard?
Posted 2/15/2013 3:00:00 PM

A Giant Meteor Landed in Russia . . . and the Videos Are Awesome.

It happened in the Ural Mountains region of Western Russia, and the videos show giant trails of smoke, and a huge fireball streaking down through the sky. Then you hear a massive boom when it lands.

The shockwaves of the impact blew out windows and damaged buildings, and early reports said somewhere between 100 and 400 people were injured, from broken glass and concussions.

Witnesses said it felt like an earthquake. Supposedly about twenty thousand rescue workers have been sent to deal with the structural damage.

Some unconfirmed reports say the meteorite was blown apart by a missile defense system before landing . . . and of course the internet is already stirring up rumors about a UFO. But in the videos, the drivers don't seem all that affected by what they see.

"A Good Day to Die Hard" is out today . . . in this movie, Bruce Willis battles his toughest foe yet: saying "no" to more "Die Hard" movies.

The fifth "Die Hard" movie has John McClane heading to Russia to save his son Jack . . . completely unaware that Jack is actually a CIA agent trying to stop terrorists from stealing nuclear weapons.

Bruce Willis is back as John McClane . . . and Jai Courtney, who you may remember as Varro on the "Spartacus" TV series, plays his son.

Also out this weekend, Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough star in the latest movie based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. . . the guy who did "The Notebook".

She's on the run from her past, settles into a small town, and starts to fall for a widowed store owner. --Cobie Smulders from "How I Met Your Mother" is also in it, as Julianne's neighbor and new best friend.

Is Julianne Hough hot or not? Pics on today's blog. Discuss.

And finally, British actress Alice Englert stars in a supernatural romance as a young witch who falls for a human boy . . . and then learns that if she pursues their forbidden love, her powers will be claimed by dark forces on her 16th birthday. Emma Thompson plays the leader of the dark witches . . . Jeremy Irons is the girl's uncle and leader of the good guys . . . and Emmy Rossum from Showtime's "Shameless" is his daughter, who's already fallen to the dark side.

It’s better than Twilight!

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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