Our Thanks to Wounded Warriors, Stone Soup, and Listeners Mike & Amy
Posted 1/28/2013 3:00:00 PM

Late last year we got an e-mail from listener Amy, who wanted to know if we could send her a DGS shirt for her husband Mike who is dealing with severe health issues.

We gladly sent along an autographed shirt that she gave to him for Christmas.

We then invited them to sit-in with us on air, which they did last Friday. Podcast the 4pm hour to hear the show, it’s worth the time to hear it!

You can see a picture of Mike with his t-shirt on today’s blog.

You’ll also see pictures of veterans who took part in a very cool event yesterday at Stone Soup Cottage in Cottleville.

We invited wounded warriors to have a private dinner at Stone Soup (our thanks to our pal Mike LeBlanc for coordinating).

In total we had seven Purple Hearts, two WWII, One Korea, three Vietnam, Twelve OIF/OEF/OND Vets, plus one very pregnant wife and soon to be mother of future Marine (well maybe).

Our thanks to Stone Soup, LeBlanc, and the vets themselves! Enjoy the pictures on today’s blog. You can find out more about Stone Soup Cottage by clicking HERE.

Well, finally our long national nightmare is over. After all the controversy surrounding the length of their sandwiches, Subway has finally made right. And they didn't have to get berated by OPRAH to do it.

Two weeks ago, a scandal erupted online when people started posting photos of their Subway footlongs with measuring tape on top . . . proving they were only 11 INCHES LONG. A

nd Subway made things WAY WORSE last week, by making a statement saying that footlong, quote, "is not intended to be a measurement of length."

Then two guys in New Jersey SUED THEM over it.

Well, on Friday, Subway offered a REAL mea culpa. They issued a statement saying, quote, "we have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve. “Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway footlong sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide."

I wonder if this dog thinks his stick is shorter than a footlong? If you need a quick laugh, watch this dog trying DESPERATELY to take a stick home with him.

Don’t fret, his owner finally helps him at the end.

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  1. Sarah posted on 01/29/2013 11:06 AM
    I really enjoyed hearing the story about Vets at the Stone Soup Cottage. There's a fable about stone soup, read it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_soup#Story. Knowing that story, it's not surprising that Carl and Nancy would be the kind of people who would do what they did for the Vets. Coincidentally, I didn't know anything about the restaurant until a FB friend from Chicago posted about it just last week and a road trip is already in the workings. I'm doubly excited about it now.
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